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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Buttermilk is evil incarnate

Growing up in the south, my grandmother made just about every recipe with buttermilk. Something about buttermilk has naturally skeeved me out - even as a small child. The length people kept buttermilk in the fridge...It is just unnatural. So, with my hatred of buttermilk I have never made those fluffy pancakes everybody imagines when you say "pancakes". I normally make vegan pancakes, which are sweeter and thinner than the IHOP variety, but not today. Oh no, I made normal fluffy pancakes (minus the buttermilk). Not only did I make normal pancakes, but BANANA pancakes. I just think adding fruit makes it more fun.

The recipe I used is adapted from Jamie Oliver's food recipe a day for the food revolution. I am very excited about his community organizing activities to change how people think, eat and involve food in their everyday lives. The TV show following him in West Virginia has just ended last night. It was phenomenal. If you get a moment to watch it or itune it, I highly suggest it. I feel that it's so important that our school systems have healthy choices for kids. Many times children living in highly impoverished areas only get the meals at school. These children, as well as those in more influential neighborhoods, depend on this food to sustain them through the rest of the day. Lunches filled with sugars and filler is not only going to end in energy depletion, but will not sustain any one through a day. Furthermore, studies show where we start in our lives directly impacts where we end up as adults. Why not give our children a great start? His website is and you can sign his petition here:

Banana Pancakes
1 cup of self-rising flour
1 cup of milk
Pinch of salt
1/2 a banana*
Splash of almond extract

*Depends on how much banana that you like. I would add more. The 1/2 I added was a very subtle banana taste. It's really a great feeling with the soft gooey banana and the rich pancake. The texture is a nice juxtaposition.

Cut and quarter bananas. Add all ingredients into a medium bowl.
Add butter to a skillet. Let the pan get so hot that the butter completely melts.
Using a ladle, scoop out one ladle full at a time on to the hot skillet.
Flip the pancakes when they start to form bubbles and are brown on the opposite side.
Repeat on the other side. Cover in fruit and syrup. Enjoy. :)

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