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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remember me....?

So, to say it has been a long time is a bit of an understatement. Just a wee one.

I have very good excuses! Really do! Such as: end of the semester, moving, loss of camera connector doodad, new internship and current loss of the Internet.

Sad I know....I won't do it anymore. Scouts honor.

I do have LOTS of things to blog about. Such as LOST finale food extravaganza, pasta in a pinch, and ice cream cupcakes! YUM. So, soon little blog you will be filled with lots and lots of entries.

Did I mention I have a new internship? Community Connections of Northeast Georgia (CC or CC of NEGA). What is THAT, right? Well, what CC of NEGA does sounds really simple (believe me it is not). CC connects callers to a service they need. SO, if Daniel needs help to obtain Child Support; then he can call CC to get information he needs. However, we (as the behind the scenes people) are responsible for maintaining the system of information, taking calls and the other departments of CC. Oh, there is more you say?

Yes, more. They also have a program called HandsOn Northeast Georgia where they establish volunteer activities and connect volunteers to volunteer opportunities. CC also works to establish stronger Nonprofit Organizations in Northeast Georgia through their Nonprofit Development Alliance where nonprofits can get training, funding and information for becoming fully developed. Get Help, Give Help and Grow Help. Simple, right? Ha.

Anyway, they are a fantastic organization and I am pleased as punch to be here this summer. I love it. One of my responsibilities includes the HandsOn Northeast Georgia blog. Here is where it gets interesting. I am going to bake things for my "Coffee and Community" sessions for the CC blog. So, stayed tuned for my upcoming blogs, baking like crazy blogs and tune into CC's blog to hear about the organization!


  1. Aw, thanks Annie! I sometimes I feel that is the only thing I have to do this month lol.